hyper stimulize
When asking yourself - 'which peice of software has done the most to change the internet?' The almost undeniable answer has to be Macromedia's Flash. It performed the hardest job, which was bringing the authoring stage to the masses.

As a visual tool, answered a lot of the challenges the early internet faced. It gave multimedia artists the ability to create rich presentations that streamed well over any sort of internet connection, be it high-speed or low-speed. Early artists like Helios and The Chopping Block used it to develop an original visual style.

Flash could also be used in video production as a quick animation tool (which was the original intent of the software). Its ease of use lended itself to quick production for fast-paced artists like Bradley Grosh and mk12

It's ability to duplicate elements from within itself gave artists the ability to reuse elements to create complex effects while keeping thier presentation compact. Mike Young uses flash to loop graphics and sounds, while James Paterson creates abstract NFB-esque animations.