MARK ARGO PORTFOLIO | 917.415.3170

Skills: HTML, DHTML, PHP, ASP, MySQL, SQL, VBScript, Javascript, Flash, Director, Photoshop, Illustrator, FinalCut, Avid, ProTools, Peak, Max/MSP

Hosting, developing, designing and maintaining this new site. It will be devoted to promoting collaborations between local artists that use technology to create or enhance new human relationships. HTML,XML,PHP,MySQL
Redesign and data-driving of this popular wifi game site. Developed a robust backend that allowed for user administrated game creation and server-based image uploading and processing. HTML,PHP,MySQL
Working with artist Michael Naimark, I designed and developed a system for organizing content (links and text) for his Rockafeller sponsored research project. HTML,XML,PHP,MySQL
ITP 2003.Spring Homepage
For this iteration of my ITP homepage, I wanted to emphasize the spatial relationships between couses. The images and placement are driven by a database, so content can be added quicky and almost effortlessly. HTML,PHP,MySQL
Helios Design Laboratory
Developed a backend system for easy updating of rich, dynamic flash content. Focused on the dynamic flash motion and creation of cool ways to view content (eg: pageflipper). Flash,HTML,PHP,MySQL
Mark Bartkiw Photography
The goal of this site was to give access to many photographs in one visual space, while allowing the photos to be organized into sections. A complete backend with image processing allowed the photographer to crop and create thumbnails easily. Flash,HTML,ASP,SQL
Argobot v.3
Experimental interface for viewing project content. While I didn't end up adding much content, this system was infinitely flexible and easy to update. Flash,HTML,PHP,MySQL
Christine Stephens Portfolio
An early flash site that employed externalized data that allowed it to be flexible and easily updatable for the client. Flash,HTML
One Technology
Another experimental interface that was surprisingly favored by the client. Dynamic content loaded into flash then scrolled side to side and up and down to suggest movement through information. Flash,HTML
Darren Goldstein Photography
An early flash site that employed externalized data that allowed it to be flexible and easily updatable for the client. Flash,HTML

Other Work
Web Design Talk
Notes for a talk at the Interactive Arts program at the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto. The talk was on web design aesthetics and practices, by contemporary example. HTML,PHP
Flash Workshop
Notes for a workshop given over 6 weeks for the Machine-Mediated Human Communications program at York University in Toronto. Also consulted the students with their final work. HTML,PHP